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Create a Real Time Portfolio Tracker using Google Sheets

We've made a Real-time Portfolio tracker using Google Sheets. This can give you a snapshot of your investments in shares, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs. You can use this to track your investments across the world.

The above is a screenshot from a sample Portfolio Tracker we created for our Coffee Can Portfolio.

We've linked this sample for your reference: View Google Sheet

Here's how you create your own Portfolio Tracker:

  1. Create a new Sheet from Google Sheets.

  2. Create a table similar to the table we've created above.

  3. Add your stocks and Mutual funds under Particulars and number of shares/ units under units

  4. Copy the ticker Symbols from Google Finance for each stock. Note: You will need to remove space from between the symbols.

  5. Use GOOGLE FINANCE API to get real time prices. (delay upto 20 min). These prices are in local Currency i.e. USD for US stocks and INR for Indian Stocks etc.

  6. Voila. Your Portfolio tracker is ready.

  7. You can also create a donut chart like the one we've created.

You can also make a complete dashboard in this manner to help you track your portfolio.


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