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Deal Advisory


Galactic Advisors' experts are here to assist you with all aspects related to your funding requirements, deals, mergers and acquisitions. 

Business Plan

  • Projections report and model

  • Projected Balance Sheet

  • Projected Profit and Loss account

  • Projected fixed and working capital investment

  • Projected cash flows

  • Discounted cash flow model

  • Preparation of pitch deck


Due diligence or dipstick review prior to funding/ acquisition:

  • Financial due diligence

  • Tax due diligence

  • Indirect tax and GST due diligence

  • Secretarial due diligence

  • FEMA due diligence

Pre-Deal Advisory and Compliance

  • Preparation of Term Sheet 
    (along with conducting sessions and meetings to address queries and requirements of both investors and investees)


  • Drafting of Investor Agreement/ Share Purchase Agreement/ Share Subscription Agreement combined with the assistance in fulfilling the requirements of closing sheet relating to onboarding the investor that includes:

    • Pre-execution & execution Items

    • Conditions precedent

    • Completion items

    • Conditions subsequent

  • Advisory on the structure of investments considering the following:

    • ​Income tax provisions

    • Secretarial compliances

    • Foreign exchange laws, etc


Valuation Services

  • Business/ share valuation

  • Accounting Valuation:

    • IndAs – Fair Value/ Impairment

    • Fund accounting for Private Equity, Real Estate or Debt 

  • Purchase price allocation:

    • Pre and post acquisition PPA under IFRS/ IndAs

    • PPA for tax purposes under Indian GAAP

  • Valuation of intangible assets:

    • Non-compete agreements

    • Technical know-how

    • Workforce

    • Brands

    • Distribution agreements, etc

  • Valuation mandated by law:

    • Compliance with FEMA regulations

    • Rule 11UA/ 11UB valuation for Income tax purposes

    • Valuation for compliance with Income tax regulations

    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Open offers, etc.

  • Real estate valuation

  • Business Modeling:

    • Building of business model

    • Review of financial model and validation


Post-deal compliance

  • Compliances with Ministry of Corporate Affairs  and secretarial filings

  • Compliances with the Reserve Bank of India:

    • Creation of Business User

    • Filing of Form with the RBI along with all the necessary Annexures

    • Issuance of CS Certificate

  • Galactic Outsourced Compliance Framework (see below)


You can download our Compliance Calendar alongwith our Galactic Outsourced Compliance Framework below

Need our assistance? Feel free to contact us!

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