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Outsource your Compliance headache to Galactic Advisors

Managing a company’s compliances can be difficult. Trust us – we know!


Our compliance calendar will help you keep track so that you don’t miss any due date. You don’t want to be paying unnecessary penalties for a small mistake.

Compliance made easy!

Galactic Advisors has got your back. Galactic Advisors works on an outsourced compliance model. Our team of experts will take over all the necessary compliances so you can focus on what’s important – actually running and growing your business!

Have Galactic Advisors take over your compliance burden

  • One-stop Shop
    Galactic Advisors is your one-stop shop for all your tax, FEMA and compliance needs. Let us take over. You can sit back and relax.


  • Multiple specializations - one Advisor
    No need for multiple advisors - we have experts in every field who can assist you. There’s no need to hire different in-house Chartered Accountants for GST, Company Filings or Income Tax. We’ve got everything covered!


  • Effective Communication
    At Galactic Advisors, we pride ourselves in our ability to break down complex subjects without use of unnecessary jargon. We assist our clients navigate the complexities of Indian laws.


  • Zero delay
    At Galactic Advisors, delays are simply not tolerated. We have a 100% track record of never missing a due date for a client.. and we don’t intend to start now!

Drop us a query:

You can also reach our Compliance Desk at


Galactic Outsourced Compliance Framework


You can download our Compliance Calendar alongwith our Galactic Outsourced Compliance Framework below

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