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Permanent Account Number
Permanent Account Number

Mandatory Application for PAN

The following persons mentioned who have not been allotted PAN to apply to assessing officer within the time specified for allotment of PAN


Transactions which mandatorily require quoting of PAN:

Certain transactions which require mandatory quoting of PAN are stated hereunder (not exhaustive):


Points to remember:

  • A person must hold only one PAN Number. Obtaining or possessing of more than one PAN is against the law.

  • A person may apply for a duplicate PAN Card in case he has lost his original PAN Card. A duplicate PAN Card with the same PAN number shall be issued to the person.

  • It is not mandatory to file a ROI if PAN is obtained. If NRI is earning income below the taxable limit, he may not be required to file his ROI.

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