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Incorporate your Company with Galactic Advisors

21 days. That's all you need - 21 days and you're ready with your Private Limited Company in India. 

Are you a foreign company and curious about how to incorporate a subsidiary in India? Or are you a foreign individual looking to set-up a company in India. Galactic Advisors is here to help you with your Company incorporation as well as post-incorporation compliances. 

Not sure how to proceed? We've got your back. Our simple 4 step process ensures you don't have to worry. We'll worry about the compliances, you grow your business!


All you need to know about incorporating a company in India in one handy document. Download below!

4 Easy Steps & Procedure

STEP 1 - FDI Permissibility


Share the 5 pointer information in the form circulated by us. We will assess the permissibility of foreign investment in the Indian company depending on the activities proposed to be carried out by the Indian Company after incorporation.


(Note: Required only for foreign investor setting up a Company in India)

STEP 2 - Name Reservation


The availability of name needs to be checked.

If the name is available an application for the name reservation can be filed along with the necessary annexures.

The Name will be approved and reserved for initial 20 days which can be extended further by payment of additional fees

STEP 3 - Drafts and Attestation

After the name reservation is approved by the Ministry, our office will prepare the charter documents, necessary drafts and forms for filing the application for incorporation.

The said drafts and the KYC information of the foreign shareholders and directors needs to be attested (notarized and apostilled in the home country.

(Note: Required only for foreign investor setting up a Company in India)

STEP 4 - Filing of Application


  • Obtain digital signature of the resident director

  • Receive the scanned copy of the attested documents on email

  • Physical presence of the promoters/ directors is not required

  • File the e-application for incorporation of the Company

Want assistance with setting up your Company in India? Contact our specialized compliance desk below!


Done setting up your company?
Outsource your Compliance headache to Galactic Advisors

Galactic Advisors has got your back. Galactic Advisors works on an outsourced compliance model. Our team of experts will take over all the necessary compliances so you can focus on what’s important – actually running and growing your business!

Opt for the Galactic Outsourced Compliance Framework

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