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Union Budget 2021 - No news is good news

With the budget 2021 done and dusted, looks like we can start focusing on the year ahead. Few changes made to tax laws. However, big news is obviously that there is no new tax or cess.

Definitely a situation of no news is good news here.

We know you’ve received Whatsapp forwards from a million places with budget highlights (a PDF document between 30-200 pages). We also know you haven’t even bothered opening half of them.

Here’s what we propose - don’t bother reading our budget highlights either. Look at the main headings, if it’s relevant to you - go ahead and read it. Otherwise, skip!

Instead of quoting sections and throwing numbers at you, we’ve decided to keep it simple so that everyone can understand the changes made to tax laws, company laws and GST.

We’ve also stayed away from quoting budget numbers. We know the human mind can’t tell the difference between INR 100 crore and INR 100,000 crore (We can’t tell the difference either – they just seem like very big numbers).

Use this as a handy reference document or use it to show-off your knowledge to your friends and family!

Happy reading!

Download our budget highlights below:

Union Budget 2021 - Highlights
Download PDF • 1.38MB

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