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Refunds can be credited only to Pre-Validated Bank accounts. Make sure your account is Pre-validated

This year, the Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for you to pre-validate your bank account. Refund will be deposited only in Pre-validated accounts. We list the steps for pre-validating your bank account below.

The detailed steps to be followed are as below:

  1. Go to and log in by entering your PAN, password and captcha code.

  2. Go to the profile tab and click the ‘Pre-validate your Bank Account’ option. It will open a list of your bank accounts integrated with the e-filing portal. You will also get each account status in terms of being validated and Electronic Verification Code (EVC) enabled.

  3. Only one bank account may be EVC enabled. So, if one of your bank accounts is EVC enabled, you won’t be EVC enable other accounts.

  4. If no account has been added till date or you prefer to receive income tax refund in a different account, click on the ‘Add’ button and enter your bank account details – account number, account type, IFSC and contact details i.e. mobile number and email ID.

  5. In case the following conditions are fulfilled, click on the ‘Pre-validate’ button after entering all your bank and contact details. On doing so, you will get an acknowledgment of your transaction.

  6. Your PAN should be available with the bank account in the bank database and your name as per your PAN Card should match your name in the bank account. If it matches, then the account will be pre-validated.

  7. If your mobile No. and email ID, seeded with your bank account, also matches with your e-filing account-registered mobile number and email address, then such an account may be used for generation of EVC to verify your return.

Income Tax India has also created a useful video on the steps to be taken:

Make sure you pre-validate your account to avoid any hassles at the time of filing your Income Tax Returns.

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