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Is Razorpay any good?

First up, before you ask - This is NOT a sponsored post. As happy customers of Razorpay, we would definitely recommend their services.

This post is going to focus on Razorpay as a standalone service. We're not going to focus on RazorpayX yet. Maybe we cover that in a separate post.

Here's why we suggest Razorpay to a lot of our client's providing freelance services or running their own business:

  • No Sole Proprietorship Registration required Unlike a lot of other platforms that need you to get some sort of registration (GST, Udyog Aadhaar, Company registration), Razorpay does not require any such registration. You simply register, link your bank account and you're ready to go. Note: Payments are restricted to INR 50,000 in case of unregistered businesses.

  • Use Payment Links instead of sending bank details You know what screams small inexperienced business? Sharing details of your personal bank account for receiving payments. Razorpay let's you create payment links which can be shared with your clients. Why not show that you are a classy business and not a newbie.

  • Use a Trade Name instead of using your Personal Name This one goes with the one above. Want to appear as a big business that knows what they're doing? Use a business name instead of using your personal name to provide services. You'll look way more professional doing this.

  • Raise Invoices through Razorpay Razorpay saves you the hassles of having to raise invoices yourself. You just enter details of the customer, the amount of invoice and Razorpay will generate the invoice themselves. Galactic Tip: Your CA will love you too when all your invoices are in order and you make their life easier!

  • Accept payments through UPI, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking If we had a penny for the number of times people asked us if we accept Cards, let's just say we'd be pretty rich. You don't really need to set-up anything different for accepting payments. Razorpay lets your customer pay with Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, Debit Cards, Credit Cards - you name it.

  • Receive International Payments Razorpay supports international credit cards for payment. They also allow Paypal support for payments. Note: International wire transfers are still not supported.

  • Additional Features We've barely scratched the surface when it comes to the features this platform offers. Add to this their growing list of services and features and it seems like Razorpay may become the de-facto payment platform in India.

Razorpay Charges:

Razorpay charges 2% (plus GST) on every receipt.

For International Cards, Razorpay charges 3% (plus GST)

Galactic Help

We've assisted a lot of our clients in setting up Razorpay accounts. If you are planning to set up a new business or just looking to streamline operations, we'd be happy to help out. Feel free to contact us.

Sign up to Razorpay from here.

Disclosure: If you sign up to Razorpay using the above link, Galactic Advisors may earn a commission. This has no impact on our recommendation and does not impact Razorpay's pricing in any way.


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