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Do I need to file a Softex form?

If you are an exporter of software related goods or services, you may need to file a softex. So much confusion on the Softex form (right from the time it was made applicable).

Confused? We've got your back.

Let's start from scratch. What's included in this guide:

What is "Softex"?

Softex is a form that needs to be filed by every software exporter within 30 days from the date of invoice / the date of last invoice raised in a month.

The form is filed for certification of export value of the software by the competent authority.

What is included in "Software"?

Software is defined under the RBI regulations to mean any computer programme, database, drawing, design, audio/video signals, any information by whatever name called. The definition given is exhaustive and includes all kinds of software that may be shared in any medium other than in physical medium. It implies both Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) exports.

‘IT’ covers both Software products including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Software services. Software services has a huge ambit to cover development, consulting, design, implementation, maintenance, re-engineering of a Software or a Software product.

‘ITeS’ covers all those services that are delivered to clients across borders of India using an IT driven system and process over a telecom/internet link (include BPO, KPOs, Digitization, Call centres, Data processing etc.)

Who is required to file Softex?

Simple answer is only those exporters whose exports are not goods or Software can escape the filing of SOFTEX.

Slightly absurd right? Unfortunately, that’s how wide the applicability is. Check it out:

Here's the issue - the above definitions might mean that freelancers working with overseas Companies may also need to file a Softex form.

Galactic Pro-tip:

If you're a freelancer or employed with a foreign company, check out our comprehensive guide on tax for freelancers.

In light of the above, it might be in your best interest to file a Softex form if you are in any way providing IT related goods or services and claiming the same as exports.

Software through physical medium:

Software exported in physical medium is treated as goods and declarations as applicable for goods will equally apply to such software exported in physical medium. This means that to these exporters, softex will not apply.


Exporters i.e., both IT and ITeS registered under Software Technology Park (STP) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) must file SOFTEX form with the STPI or SEZ Division.

Non-STP and Non-SEZ

However, Exporters of Software that are not registered in STP or SEZ or other Export Oriented Units (EOU) must also file SOFTEX, according to the foreign trade policy.

Such exporters are commonly called non-STP units and can file the SOFTEX form with the concerned jurisdictional Director of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).

Exports of services that do not fall under IT and ITeS category are not liable to file the export declarations or the SOFTEX form.

Penalties for non-filing of Softex

If a softex is not filed, the remittance received is treated as ‘general services’ and not as an export proceed which shall act detrimental to the business entities in claiming that they have previous export performance for participation in tenders related to software projects.

Another issue that might creep up in the future is the zero-rated GST supply. Exporters are allowed to export goods or services without payment of GST by filing a Letter of Undertaking. When the eventual linking of the RBI database and GST database does happen, this might cause a headache.

Further, entities engaged in exports are entitled to claim refund of the input GST paid on inputs and input services received for undertaking exports. In order to process these refund claims, the concerned tax authorities insist the business entities engaged in software exports to submit softex forms for the purpose of processing of such refund claims.

Worst case, banks have been known to freeze accounts in case Softex forms are not filled. However, this is in extreme cases where multiple reminders have been sent.

I haven't filed Softex. Now what?

We know what you are thinking - I've been exporting goods/ services for years and no one has asked for a softex form. Why now?

Here's the thing - we're not trying to scare you. Based on our discussions with banks and authorities, we have come to the conclusion that filing softex may be required in all export cases where IT or ITeS is involved.

Good part is - there are no monetary penalties for non-filing of softex at this point of time. This might change in the future though.

What we've been seeing is that systems are getting stronger. There might be a time 2-3 years from now when the RBI starts sending notices to everyone who exports IT related goods or services for non-filing of softex.

Makes sense to file your softex forms to ensure compliance so you don't have any headaches in the future.

How do I file Softex?

Simple answer? Contact Galactic Advisors!