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Coffee Can Portfolio - Week 17

Week 17 and our Coffee Can Portfolio has been very strong. All time high - up 13.9% overall. Flat week for us overall Long way to go though.

A lot of people have approached us asking how they should catch up with our Coffee Can Portfolio updates. Read the Week 0 article here. That's all the information you need. Now read on for Week 17!

Portfolio Watch

Let's see what our current portfolio value is:

Our portfolio is up 13.9%. But we're not gloating yet.

Stocks to watch

  • Page Industries still to announce results for Q1FY20. Let's see how that goes

  • Britannia went ex-dividend this week. Slight fall because of this.

  • Divis Lab continuing its upward movement. Up 36.2%. Stock to be added to Nifty index. Expect another movement next week as stock is added to index funds.

  • Pidilite recovering after the poor results. Expecting a nice upswing there.

  • Inox and PVR starting to move up nicely like we predicted last week. However, expect a steep fall on Monday as Cinemas still won't open in Unlock 4.0

  • Reliance announced their acquisition of Future Group. Let's see how stock reacts on Monday

The above chart will be updated weekly so that you can see the movements in price over time.

We'll keep updating the numbers as we make the actual investments in the coffee can portfolio. Stay tuned for Week 17!


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