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Coffee Can Portfolio - Week 10

Week 10 and we're already up 4.5%. This means nothing though. We're focusing on the next 10 years. For those who haven't read the earlier posts, we request you to read those first.

Our Coffee Can Portfolio is essentially settled right now. No new purchases to report. Let's get straight to it.

Let's look at our average price for each stock already purchased. No changes here. Just here for your reference.

We're holding off for the remaining investment to see if there's any fall in the market. The markets have moved a little bit away from our target price - but patience is key. We're not going to be swayed easily since we know this is a 10 year journey.

Portfolio Watch

Let's see what our current portfolio value is:

Our portfolio is now up 4.5%. Good week for us. Weekly volatility means nothing to us though. We're here for the long haul.

Page Industries has dropped a little bit - now up only 8.4%. Dr. Lal Pathlabs and HDFC Bank are starting to show larger returns at 16.3% and 12.1%. Inox, PVR, Britannia and Asian Paints all up between 5-9%.

Let's focus on the stocks that are showing negative returns.

Dmart - Dmart is down only 1.2%. Not a concern at all at this point.

Divis Lab - Stock fell a little bit on news of insider trading by the CFO. Still, doesn't seem like too much of a cause for concern considering the stocks strong fundamentals.

Pidilite - Pidilite is down 4.1% primarily because of Covid related fears. The Company remains fundamentally strong though. No worries there.

The above chart will be updated weekly so that you can see the movements in price over time.

We'll keep updating the numbers as we make the actual investments in the coffee can portfolio. Stay tuned for Week 11!

Our investment rationale for investments in Page Industries, Nestle and Britannia is available here.

We've got a detailed article on Britannia coming this weekend! Sign up in the footer below to get early access!


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