Galactic Residential Status calculator

You could use a RS calculator available on Google, or you could actually get a CA do it so you can breathe easy. Bear in mind, the opportunity cost of making a mistake can be in lakhs of rupees. 

Software generated results are based on the inputs you provide, a CA meanwhile knows all the usual errors and can help you avoid them.

Planning your residential status is probably the oldest trick in the book. However, so many Returning Indians/ Recent Immigrants miss out on the immense tax planning opportunities. Sometimes, simple is elegant. Simple is all you need. Read here to see how you can plan your Residential Status. 

Read on below for details of our Residential Status calculation service:


Galactic Advisors Professional Fee - INR 500 only

A Chartered Accountant from our team will hand-hold you through the process of determination of Residential Status for a one-time fee of INR 500 only. 

This fees of INR 500 is redeemable against any other service availed by you with Galactic Advisors. 

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Our team will share details of your CA point of contact from Galactic Advisors.



Sit back and relax as our team shares a detailed report with your residential status for the year!